MKAC Maple Montreal Quebec Trip 

Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya


 Report Trip to Montreal/Quebec City

 Held on Oct 10-12

A trip was planned to involve khuddam of Maple majlis in various activities and to strengthen the relationship between ‘Amila members and general khuddam.  An Amila meeting was held on Sep 20th after Fajr namaz to discuss this trip and potential upcoming events.  By the Grace of Allah the meeting went very well and initial planning was made in reference to the trip.

Majlis Maple decided on destinations Montreal and Quebec City.   We would start our journey Oct 10th and make our way back to Toronto on Oct 12th.

Ijtimai Dua & Start of the Trip

On October 10th 2015 at around 4 AM, twelve khuddam from Maple majlis arrived at Qaid sahib’s house and we had Ijtimai Dua.  Upon completion of dua we started our religious and recreational trip to Montreal and Quebec City.  We had three cars with four khuddam in each car.  During the journey different religious topics were discussed and Qaid sahib instructed all ‘Amila members to recite Durood Shareef as much as possible and to read or listen to the books of Promised Messiah (as).  Our first stop was in Port Hope where we offered Fajr Namaz in congregation and enjoyed breakfast together to develop a stronger bond and brotherhood.  The next stop would be at our destination Montreal.

First Day

We reached Montreal around 11:30 AM and decided to go straight to our first destination, which was the famous museum of Montreal “Biodome”.  The Biodome was truly an amazing experience for all the Khuddam.   They saw different animals and species along with all the plants and enjoyed nature at its finest.  Khuddam also asked questions that related to science and Islam.  We also went to the souvenir shop at that biodome and some khuddams purchased souvenirs for their families and friends.

Lunch Arrangements on First Day

After Biodome all Khuddam got hungry and we decided to go for Lunch.  Luck was on our side and we found some Pakistani restaurant.  Lunch menu included order of Karahi, Nihari and Chicken roast for all the khuddam.  Alhamdulillah! it was a tasteful experience and all enjoyed the food.  After a full belly and help with cleaning the restaurant we found a place to offer Zuhr and Asr Namaz in congregation.

Mount Royal (Church)

Our next destination was Mount Royal.   It was a very unique and positive experience for most of the khuddam as most have never been to a church before.   The church was big and had a great deal of history attached to it.   We gathered a lot of information in the few hours that we were there and enjoyed the great views.  Khuddam gained knowledge about Christianity and how it differs from Islam.  Some khuddam asked questions about Jesus Christ (as) and some asked other religious questions.

 Old Port of Montreal & Guest House

After a joyful time at Mount Royal, all khuddam decided on Old Port of Montreal.  We heard of the Old Port scenic view at day and were very excited to go.  Even though it was night and mediocre visibility of the river, all Khuddam enjoyed their time there.    Time was flying as it was already 9 PM and since all were awake since 3 AM we all decided to go to the Guest House setup by Montreal Jama’at to spend the night.   We reached the guest house at 10 PM.  After settling in, we decided to go for a walk and to eat something sweet.  All khuddam walked approximately 2 km to a place called Punjab Sweets where we enjoyed eating gol gappay, jalebi and drinking green tea.  We all had loads of fun at Punjab Sweets and then walking back to the guest.  We offered Maghrib and Isha prayers in congregation which was led by Nazim Tarbiyat Hafiz Zeryab Ahmad sahib.   It was time for bed as we had to get up early for Tahajjud and Fajr prayers.

Second Day

Next Morning, we all got up for Fajar Namaz and Dars-ul-Quran by Murabbi silsila, all khuddam offered namaz in congregation and took part in Dars.  After Dars, we continued our Maple weekly book club focused on the book Al-Wasiyyat.  We read a portion of the book and later on khuddam were asked to fill Talimi exam.  A total of 10 khuddam finished the exam on the spot and a few had questions that were noted down to be addressed to Murabbi sahib Quebec City in Quebec.  After the book club, we all got freshened up and left for our next destination Quebec City.   Qaid sb spoke to Murabbi sb in Quebec over the phone for directions to our destination in Quebec City.  Graciously, Murabbi sahib offered to go with us and be our guide.  We left Montreal guest house at 7:30 AM and reached Murabbi sahib’s house close to 10 AM.  During the travel to Quebec City, we made a stop to complete the Fajr spirit part where to get the breakfast for all khuddam.  Khuddam were served with Tim Horton’s breakfast.  Together with the company of Murabbi sahib we went to Beautiful Quebec Falls (Montgomery Falls).  It was a very beautiful place, heavenly like, with beautiful natural beauty and majestic waterfalls. All khuddam enjoyed their time there and took many pictures.   There was a hiking trail of about 1.5 Km on which all khuddam along with Murabbi sahib hiked down to the river.   Montgomery Falls had a souvenir shop where khuddam bought memorable items.  Qaid sahib decided to take everyone back up to the falls on a cable car.  Wow!

Lunch Arrangments & Wasiyyat Informal Session

After the falls we were hungry so murabbi sb Quebec City took us for lunch at some pizza place, while the pizza was getting made, we had an informal wasiyyat session and most khuddam had very good questions that were answered by Murabbi sahib about the book “The Will”. We all enjoyed the delicious pizza and the informative interactive session with Murabbi sb.  On a further note Khuddam asked Murabbi sahib how Quebec City is progressing with regards to Tabligh and other activities.

Old City of Montreal

We finished with lunch around 4 PM and made our way over to Old City of Quebec which is a tourist attraction.  We found Old City to be very beautiful and European like and a lot of history attached to it.  We left early from here because we had to get back for Tabligh flyer distribution and journey back to Maple Ontario.  So we went back to Murabbi sahib’s house and offered Zuhr and Asr prayers.

Tabligh Flyer Distribution

At around 5 PM, we started with flyer distribution and do Tabligh to French locals.  Qaid sahib requested Murabbi sahib to provide flyers in French so khuddam can do some tabligh.  Even though khuddam had no knowledge of the French language, they managed to do able to do tabligh with few known words.  Khuddam were very passionate and wanted to spend more time in Quebec City and in doing flyer distribution.  With the limitation of time, Khuddam still managed to distribute 700 flyers to homes.

Ijtimai Dua & Departure back to Maple

After the flyer distribution we all took some pictures with Murabbi sahib and with the dua we started our journey back home.   We had some coffee breaks on the way back.  Unfortunately, the only challenging part of the trip came on the way back home as Qaid sahib got a flat tire and since it was a long weekend and no shop was open. Qaid sahib decided to conduct a training session on how to change a tire and instructed everyone to stop at the nearest gas station.  The training session was conducted by a khadim.  By the Grace of Allah the session was a success and the spare tire was back up on Qaid sahib’s car.  We continued our travel and safely reached home around 5 AM on Oct 12th. It was a very memorable trip indeed.   All khuddam enjoyed it tremendously.  In the near future we are looking forward to more trips like these.

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