By the grace of Allah, during the last month 8 AMSA’s across Canada held Tabligh Conferences on various different topics. Some of the topics of these conferences were: Who is God: The Great dialogue, Islam & the West: Are they at odds?, Suffering, & The Messiah: Reformer of the latter daysApproximately 15,000 flyers were distributed for the publicity of these conferences and a total of 769 Non-Ahmadi guests attended these conferences. To mention a few, 321 at AMSA York University’s conference on Who is God, 150 at AMSA McMaster University’s conference on Islam & the west: Are they at odds and 130 non-Ahmadi guests attended AMSA University of Saskatchewan’s interfaith conference on Suffering. This semester, a unique conference was organized by AMSA University of Calgary whereby members of various faith based clubs on campus visited the Baitul Nur Mosque in Calgary. A total of 30 guests had a complete tour of the Mosque followed by a presentation and a Question & Answer session.