Christmas Eve guests find ‘belonging’ at The Bridge

SASKATOON — The Bridge On 20th Fellowship Centre held a Christmas Eve dinner on Thursday, giving guests a chance to get to get together in a year when many have been apart.

“Today is the day that we can celebrate and maybe bring a bit of Christmas joy and cheer into their lives,” executive director Linda Walker said.

The centre also had a live musical performance and handed out presents to the guests. Walker expected up to 300 people to attend.

“Having this beautiful supper and everything, I just love it,” said guest David Cervo.

“It’s someplace for me to go to and also, it gives me a sense of belonging,” added guest Clifford Semchyshen.

“They are family, not only are they my friends, but they are also family.”

Meanwhile, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) Saskatoon division is part of a nationwide effort to offer warm meals over the holidays.

Regional coordinator Rashid Ahmed said they will offer a pizza party at The Lighthouse on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

“This is a very important time to remember who are less fortunate,” Ahmed said.

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