Majlis Level:

• Majlis ‘Amila meetings once a month

o Agenda should include review of past events, planning of upcoming events, and discussion on self reformation of Khuddam of the Majlis

• Monthly Reports, due 5th of every month

o Create the report in reporter tool at the beginning of the month o Continually update reports as events and activities occur throughout the month.

o Qa’id Majlis should review between 1st and 4th of the following month and submit

• Sa’iq forms:

o Aitemad to have at least 40% Khuddam fill Saiq forms (Q1: 25%, Q2, 30%, Q3: 35%, Q4: 40)

• Ijlas ‘Am

o Conduct Ijlas ‘Am as per Calendar of events


Regional Level:

• Regional Ijlas ‘Am and Ijtima‘at

o Conduct Regional Ijlas ‘Am and Ijtima‘at as per Calendar of Events

o When planning such events, please remember to give two weeks’ notice to all Khuddam and have follow-up calls to confirm