Majlis Level:

• Every quarter ensure at least one Khadim from Majlis attends a course offered by Khidmat Institute

• Help at minimum three Khuddam every quarter to find job

• Attend monthly meetings with Regional Nazim

Region Level:

• Establish Professionals Network and get 50 Professionals to connect into the network in the year

• Hold at least one Career Workshop in the year 14

• Hold regular monthly local Nazimin meetings

National Level:

• Offer at minimum three courses under Khidmat Institute

• Ensure more than twenty-five students attend Khidmat Institute courses through-out the year

• At minimum two regions outside Muqami / York to arrange courses under Khidmat Institute

• Arrange for better location and facilities to run Khidmat Institute courses

• Establish Markzi Career Resource Centre

• Establish Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Professional Network and ensure Professionals connect into the network from every region

• Arrange Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Merchandise

• Hold Regular monthly Regional Nazimeen Meetings