Majlis Level:

• Motivate Khuddam to be ready to perform Waqfe Arzi throughout the year. Target 20% of Tajnid to fill out ‘Waqfe Arzi form’ – which will include type of activities they are interested in and which dates suit them. Encourage them to sign up for UK Waqfe Arzi otherwise encourage them to commit to perform Waqfe Arzi as early as possible.

Regional Level:

• Target One Waqfe Arzi trip per month – 3-5 Khuddam per month.

• ‘Lets visit places’ – target one trip per Region for the year where they go for a couple of days for various activities, which can include (will need to discuss the mandate with you):

o Camping

o Hiking / Hunting

o Sight seeing

o Tabligh flyer distribution

National Level:

• Two main focuses for the year:

1. Target of 100 Khuddam Waqfe Arzi at London, U.K. Jalsa 2016

2. Target of 10% of total Tajnid to perform Waqfe Arzi during the year. 

UK Jalsa 

Belize – Jalsa January 30-31

 Jamaica – Jalsa February 13-14 

Ecuador and other Central/South America countries as per guidance from Jamaat 

Mosque building  Markaz assistance 

Within Canada

• Increase awareness of Khuddam for the purpose of Tahrik Jadid, its history, and its current impact, in particular financial sacrifice and leading a simple life.

• Increase participation and collection in Tahrik Jadid among Khuddam.

• Twelve monthly meetings with Regional Nazimin.

• MKAC Messaging to send out Waqfe Arzi form to all Khuddam throughout the year to promote Waqfe Arzi.

• Create a dedicated page at to give details for various activities throughout the year – and a blog type place for Khuddam to share their experiences from activities.

• Prepare promotional videos for Belize and UK Waqfe Arzi from prior year – already have a 15 minute video for Belize but looking to shorten it to 3-5 minutes. Also another video for the UK Waqfe Arzi trip to promote it for the upcoming year.