Majlis Level:

• Target to have at least 50% Khuddam offer Friday prayers

• Promote Khuddam to have a dedicated monitor / TV running MTA constantly through available messaging channels

• Increase number of Khuddam offering 5 daily prayers

• Increase number of Khuddam attending Juma‘ Prayer


Regional Level:

• Arrange house visits in coordination with Jama`at Dept of Tarbiyat, of Murrabian and parents to convey importance of Friday Prayers.


National Level:

• Fajr Spirit:

o Increasing attendance of Khuddam at Fajr Namaz on Sunday. InshaAllah target is to attain at least attendance of 1,500 Khuddam and Atfal Canada-wide.

‘Ashra Tarbiyat:

o Hold two Ashraja’at during the year (December and one in Ramadan)

o Arrangement of Tahajjud prayers during the `Ashra

• Tarbiyati Camps

o Hold at-least a total of four (4) Grade 10 Tarbiyati/Talimi Camps across Canada. Camps will be held in Maple, Calgary, Vancouver and Ottawa InshaAllah

o Do it’s planning and preparation in advance (in Nov and Dec)

• Ijlas ‘Am/Informal Session Presentations

o The plan is to create effective 2 Ijlas ‘Am presentations in the month of Nov and 2 presentations in the month of Dec.

• sending weekly advertisement on importance of listening to Friday Sermons via all MKAC channels 4 (WhatsApp, MKAC Messaging, Posters, Banners).

• Continue sending via MKAC Messaging summary of Friday sermon and Quiz.

• Continue to work with the Atfal department to present Friday sermon summaries in Atfal classes and next ABL season

• Prepare a document on how to lead Friday prayer and post it on web site

. • Setup a page on with locations and times of all Friday Prayer centres.

• Include Friday Prayer centre locations link in weekly Friday Sermon email.

• Prepare a presentation for Ijlas ‘Am on importance of Friday prayers.

• Coordinate with Jama`at Dept of Tarbiyat to add the agenda item “Importance of Friday prayers” to Jama`at meetings