The Department

The Khidmat-e-Khalq (Social Service) Department adopts means that help maximize helping the poor, helpless and needy of the wider community without any discrimination of religion, creed, cast and color.


  • Collect food and clothing for distribution to the needy on a regular basis

  • Collect and distribute books so that students may benefit from them

  • Provide assistance to the elderly, sick and widowed members

  • Visit the sick and the needy to alleviate their suffering

  • Create a spirit of love and respect for humanity among members

  • Advance a desire to serve mankind without prejudice among the members

  • Urge members to volunteer their time at food banks, hospitals, nursing homes, drop-in centers

  • Establish programs for members of the Majlis to learn CPR and First Aid

  • Assist members who are moving into new residences

  • Prepare teams for pre and post funeral arrangements

  • Arrange visits to jails, asylum centers and hospitals to meet with residents

  • Arrange visits to shelters and senior citizen homes

  • Arrange for efficient and safe parking facilities

  • Address the transportation requirements of members

  • Providing day to day services (e.g snow removal, meal delivery, leaf racking, grocery, etc) within your local community

  • Create an awareness of the Child Sponsorship program

  • Prepare Emergency Response Teams that are proficient in the following areas

    • Camping
    • Bicycling
    • Swimming
    • Horse Riding
    • First Aid & CPR
    • Hunting Skills.

For any inquiries related to Khidmat-e-Khalq (Social Service) department,
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