Million Pounds of Food Campaign – Making History

By the sheer grace of Allah Almighty, the “Million Pounds of Food Campaign, is off to a truly remarkable start. Alhamdulillah!


The response so far from Majalis has been inspiring. Thus far, we have collected approximately 300,000 Lbs. of food – one quarter of our total target – and about half of our target for December. Right now, my dear brothers, we are making history, and the wave of excitement is spreading across the country through the mainstream media and online in an amazing way.


Our humble request at this time, is for every Khadim to push forward hard during the next 5 days, and strive with maximum efforts to meet and even exceed our targets, vying with one another in good works, in the true spirit of the Holy Qur’an. Please contact your Qaid Majlis and Nazim Khidmat Khalq and offer your help. Let’s make this history together!


And finally, our twitter account is rising at a frenetic pace – within the last 5 days, we have garnered over 10, 500 followers, and receiving over 300 retweets on our tweets. Alhamdulillah! Thousands of Khuddam from coast to coast are canvassing across the country, day and night, so be sure to follow all the action on the historic ‘Million Pounds of Food’ campaign’s official Twitter handle @MillionLbsFood. Riveting content, and real-time updates round the clock as the excitement grows with every tweet and every pound!”

Coverage in the Media So Far: