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Message from Sadr | Waqf e Ardi Trip

In the Name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful

Dear Respected Brothers,

Assalamo alaikum wa Rahamtullah!

I am writing this message to congratulate each and every one of you, on a very historic and blessed achievement as part of this past Jalsa Salana UK, in which Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Canada performed Waqf‘Arzi to wrap up the entire Jalsa Gah in record time. It is by the sheer grace of Allah Almighty, that He gave us this opportunity, enabled us to follow through on it, and then to our utter delight and joy, made this a means of making our beloved Imam happy with us. Alhamdulillah!

In Huzoor Anwar’s (may Allah be his Helper!) Friday Sermon from last week on August 19, 2016, one week after Jalsa Salana UK, he said the following in relation to our humble efforts.

“This year, the organization of the Jalsa, and also from the perspective of the volunteers that were involved, it has become international…” To our great amazement and lasting joy, Huzoor Anwar went on for several minutes afterwards discussing largely the work that Khuddam from Canada performed, saying:

“Last year also, Khuddam came from Canada for Waqar ‘Amal but in lesser numbers and work was not able to be performed in the best manner, or perhaps due to the shortage of time the work was not able to be completed. This year, not only was the planning better and more detailed – which according to what I have been told, led to much better work being done – but in addition to this, the number of volunteers was also much greater than last year…and this year Khuddam from America also came, so in this regard, the work of Waqar ‘Amal has become international in scope. Volunteers come from various countries…From Canada there were over 150 Khuddam who participated in the windup following Jalsa. Sadr Khuddamul Ahmadiyya UK has informed me that these Khuddam who have come from outside have not only worked very hard but have rather worked with great planning and passion and have finished this work very fast. May Allah reward them all…Along with all of the Khuddam and Atfal of UK who perform duties, the organizers and attendees of the Jalsa should similarly be thankful to the Khuddam of Canada and America.”

To all my fellow Khuddam brothers, BarakAllaho Lakum!

This was a very historic and landmark achievement for Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Canada, and marked us being among the pioneers of a new era of Jalsa Salana UK, in which duties have also become international in scope and scale.

Very few people are so fortunate to be recognized to such a degree by Khalifa Waqt, and be the recipient of his happiness. This is indeed a great blessing of Allah Ta‘ala for which we must be very grateful to Him, and for which we must continue to march forward in this same spirit.


The trip, which I was fortunate enough to be apart of for its entirety, from August 10, through all of Jalsa, right to August 20 was perhaps the most memorable and satisfying experiences I have ever been part of. The chance to spend nearly 10 days with over 150 Canadian Khuddam from all parts of the country, together in service of Jama‘at, and under the loving auspices of Khilafat, was something I will never forget. The brotherhood, memories and blessings of this trip will surely live on with all who attended for their entire lives, Insha’Allah. Below are some pictures from the trip and the windup activities. For all those Khuddam who were not able to take part this year, start planning now for next year’s trip, and ensure you don’t miss out on these blessings in the future.

May Allah enable us to carry on with this noble and blessed project, and continue to enable us to make our beloved Imam happy with us. Ameen!


Tahir Ahmed

Sadr MajlisKhuddamul Ahmadiyya Canada