Allah Ta`ala says in the Holy Qur’an: Vie with one another in good works (2.149).


By the Grace of Allah, in the month of November, we see many excellent examples of self-sacrifice in the way of Allah by Majalis and Regions throughout Canada.


Few in-particular stood out. They are as follows:


Department of Umur Talaba’ – AMSA York University


AMSA York University organized a very successful conference titled “Who is God? The Great Dialogue” on Thursday, November 19. 2015. A new dialogue based idea was brought forth by the team of AMSA York for this conference. Representatives of Islam & Christianity answered 3 basic question’s regarding God as a part of the dialogue; What is the proof of the existence of God, Who is God & Why do we need God. This was followed by an intriguing and thought provoking Question & Answer session. The event concluded with a few words of wisdom by respected Maulana Mubarak Ahmad Nazir sahib, Missionary In-charge Canada. By the grace of Allah a total of 321 Non Ahmadi guests attended the conference and went home with the message of Islam, Ahmadiyyat.



Department of ‘Umumi – Muqami and York Regions


Alhamdollilah, All regions across Canada performed extremely well for security duties over the last month. Regions Muqami and York are being recognized especially for their conducting of duties 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for 3 weeks.


A special recognition event was held with Respected Amir sahib, Jama‘at Ahmadiyya Canada, in Aiwan Tahir onSaturday December 12, 2015.



Department of Tabligh – Mississauga East


Mississauga Region demonstrated an exemplary display of hard work and determination in the past month as they organized ­a very successful Tabligh event in the f­orm of, Astonishing Story of the Prophet (sa). Organizers took their publicity to ­various social media outlets, libraries,­ community centres and bulletin boards  ­as well as to the streets –where an astonishing 15,000 flyers were distributed. ­In this regard, Mississauga East deserves special recognition as they led the region in number of flyers distributed. Alhamdulilah, these efforts did not go ­in vain, as the program was a great succ­ess with the hall (with a capacity of 24­4 people) being overfilled with 223 exte­rnal guests.  In addition to this the pr­ogram did not fail to deliver either, guests left with nothing but praise for th­e event. All praise is due to Allah the All Mighty for the success of this event, but­ we must commend the efforts of Mis­sissauga Region and in particular Majlis Mississauga East. ­May Allah the almighty bless their effor­ts greatly. Ameen!



Please remember all the Khuddam who helped make these special achievements successful in your prayers and that Allah Ta`ala may enable us to always tread in the paths of His pleasure, Ameen.