Majlis Level: • Encourage local Nazim to increase gym participation where there is a gym in the Majlis. Target 25% of Tajnid. • Create package about healthy eating and exercise tips and distribute amongst all Khuddam • Nazim to keep track of which Khuddam are exercising on personal or other level, increase this # to 75% of Tajneed • Invite Khuddam to join clubs using website address and create awareness of this utility 10 Regional Level: • Follow up with local nazimeen on weekly basis regarding their local activities • Hold at least 1 meeting with local nazimeen on monthly basis • Assign a president for each sports club within the region to liaison with president of club at national level • Organize sports tournament within region • Organize and maintain teams for Ahmadiyya Basketball and soccer leagues National Level: • Create presidents for different clubs (Badminton, Table Tennis, etc) • Create team to monitor and update website • Overhaul ACC management and create plan for running league efficiently • Run ABL, ASL and all other leagues • Expand Nasir Tournament to Badminton, Basketball, Soccer and Table Tennis • Organize sports tournament for different communities with MKAC as host • Introduce new sports at national ijtima • Create videos/presentations regarding healthy eating habits • Continue all activities from prior year and increase attendance • Ensure congregational prayers are held at all sporting events.