Goal – To spread the message of true Islam and Ahmadiyyat in every corner of Canada

Focus – Emphasis is to focus on “One-to-One” Tabligh keeping in “One Day a Week” Campaign in mind.

• “One Day a Week” Campaign

• “One-to-One” Tabligh

Majlis Level:

• Qur’an Exhibition: 2 Qur’an Exhibitions

• Daya’an Khususi. Minimum target is 5 per Majlis.

• Flyer Distribution: 250 Flyers per Khadim (Target: Total Tajnid of Majlis * 250 per Khadim per Year)

• Focus on One-to-One Tabligh. Establish Contacts with Non-Ahmadis and invite them to their homes over lunch/dinner and develope strong bond with them.

• Sub-Committe Meeting: Hold at least one Tabligh Sub-Committee meeting annually

• Bai’at initiation: At least 1 Bai’at per Majlis


Regional Level:

• Interfaith Symposiums: Hold 1 Interfaith in each Quarter. (In total, 4 Interfaiths)

• Tabligh Classes: Hold Informal Bi-weekly Tabligh Classes

• Work on Executing all targets assigned to Majlis


National Level:

• Flyer Distribution Overall: 500,000 Flyers

• Tabligh Conferences: Hold 2 Tabligh Conferences/Workshops

• Target: 100 Towns

• Interfaith Symposiums: 50 Events

• Qur’an Exhibitions: 125 Events

• Sub-Committe Meeting: Hold Quarterly Tabligh Sub-Committee meetings

• Motivate Khuddam to do Tabligh (Example: Create a 2-3 minute videos of converts which can be used not only to encourage our Khuddam about Tabligh but also to use these effectively to attract other non Ahmadis towards Ahmadiyyat.)

• Follow up system: Create a database and effectively follow up system.

• Participate in all National Tabligh on the following dates. Increase the number of Khuddam participation in Tabligh days.

• Jalsa Salana: Encourage Khuddam to bring as many guests to upcoming Jalsa Salana.