Majlis Level:

• Engage into any Majlis activities, especially Ijtima‘at and Ijlas ‘Am

Regional Level:

• Encourage Nau Muba`in in Regional activities, especially Ijtima‘at and Ijlas ‘Am

• Friday Sermons: Have all Nau Muba’in watching / listening to Huzoor’s(aa) sermon or reading summary

• Mandatory Chanda: Have all Nau Muba’in paying mandatory Chanda.

National Level:

• Personal Contacts: Make a personal relationship with every Nau Muba’in. Muhtamim Nau Muba’in or Regional Nazim Nau Muba‘in will at least meet every Nau Muba‘in once a month and will contact at least once every week over the phone. 11

• Arrange at least one dinner if Nau Muba`in with respected Sadr Majlis.

• Arrange two recreational activities for Nau Muba`in (ie. bowling ,hiking)