National Level:

• Ensuring all Friday prayers and Maghrib / ‘Isha’ prayers are covered regularly across all major centers across Canada.

• Ensure quality and punctuality in duties improve significantly.

• Collect regular security reports about Jama’at properties and provide any insight on improvement to Jama’at via Sadr Majlis.

• Ensure solid pool of Khuddam are available dedicatedly to work for National Umumi Team.

• Security Awareness Training and Advance training for dedicated Umumi Teams.

• Counselling sessions and meeting with “Sadr Majlis and elders of Jama’at” of Khuddam involved in disciplinary and other inrfactions.

• Training session for Jalsa Salana security team and other teams as per guidance of Sadr Majlis.

• Increase intelligence network across the country and provide continuous feedback to Sadr Majlis on (issues, challenges and problems with-in and outside Jama’at).


Regional Level:

• Perform duties for events and properties in your region or as requested by Markaz.

• Training of Khuddam for Regional and local Umumi Team.

• Continuous reporting of all duties to be sent to Markaz.

• Conduct quarterly training sessions.

• Participate in regularly month meetings.

• Inform Majlis of security related issues and challenges in their region.

Majlis Level:

• Perform regular duties as requested by Region.

• Creation of local Umumi Team.

• Participate in Regional Training Sessions.

• Inform Majlis about any security related incidents and challenges in your Majlis.