Majlis Level:

• Maintain and regularly update a Local Students’ Database

• Subscribe 100% students to the Review of Religions

• Table Talks o Informal discussions with students

o Discussions can take place over coffee/tea o Topics relating to students’ (Covering Secular, Religious, Educational, etc.)

o Each Majlis to hold 3 during the year on the following dates  Nov 28 – Dec 6  Feb 27 – Mar 6  Jun 4 – Jun 12


Regional Level:

• Career Building Forums o 1 for High School

o 1 for University and Post-University Students’

o On the following Dates 7  Dec 24 – 25 (High School)  Apr 29-30, May 6 (University and Post-University)

• STEM Field Trips

o High School Students

o 1 Field Trip on Mar 12 • Review of Religions Subscriptions

• Establish Friday Prayer Centres in Schools, Colleges & Universities

• Ahmadiyya Muslim Students’ Association

o Maintain and regularly update AMSA Students’ Database

o Get 100% AMSA members to subscribe to the Review of Religions  Fall 2015  2 Meet & Greets  Weekly Book Stalls  Friday Prayers  Tabligh Conferences  Winter 2016  2 Meet & Greets  Weekly Book Stalls  Friday Prayers  Academic Research Conferences

National Level

• Students’ Classes with Hazrat Khalifatul Masihaa

o 1 in GTA (Baitul Islam Mosque)

o 2 in Western/Eastern Canada

• Students’ Talk 2016 o Saturday, February 6, 2015

• Pool of Mentors/AMSA Alumni Network

o Create a group of Counsellors

o 1 on 1 Counselling for Students’