Goal – To inculcate the habit of doing one’s own work with one’s hands and to get rid of slackness among the Khuddam

Majlis Level Program

• Majlis to participate in the Adopt-a-Road and/or Adopt-a-Park program (Target:1)

• Majlis to organize exemplary Waqar ‘Amal activity (Target:1)

• Majlis to clean mosque or Namaz center (Target:12)

Regional Level Program

• Organize one Exemplary Waqar-e-‘Amal activity (Target:1)

• Organize team for snow cleaning during winter at (Mosque, namaz center, properties, streets, people in need) (Target:4)

• Organize spring clean-up activities (Target:1)

National Level Program

• Organized tree planting within various cities (target:1000 trees)

• Hold monthly meetings of regional Nazmeen

• Organize Waqf ‘Arzi program to renovate/build mosques

• Assist in setup and windup and other preparation of Jalsa Salana and National Ijtim’at

• Provide set up/ wind up support to Jama’at and other auxiliary organizations events