On 13 November at 9:30 pm Muqami region was blessed by the duty to arrange the setup for Lajna Refresher Course.
Nazim  Waqar `Amal. Muqami appointed only two Majalis for the set up duty for this program.
30 Khuddam took part in the Waqar `Amal.
The program went as follows:
1. Arranging the carpets om the floor of Tahir Hall’s gym section.
2. Bringing the chairs and tables from the multipurpose room of Tahir hall to gym section and arranging them with the direction of Ayyaz Chatha sb.
3. The setup was for almost 500+ people.
3. Also arranged chairs and tables for Humanity first program in the multipurpose hall in Tahir hall.

pictures of the program are as follows

On 14 November after Maghrib Muqami region performed the wind up for Lajna Refresher course as well.
Following were the tasks performed

1. Cleaning up and arranging the carpets back to their place.
2. Disassembly of the chairs and tables.
3. Directing tables and chairs back to there storing places.
4. Cleaning the gym and multipurpose hall.

More than 35 khuddam were present only two majlais were appointed for this task.

Muhtamim sahib, naib muhtamim sahiban and some more region `amila members were present as well for encouraging the efforts of muqami Khuddam.

Khuddam were served with popoyes chicken in the end as the first day we could not arrange any refreshment for them. So they were promised to serve a good dinner the next day.

The program was ended on Muhtamim sahib’s encouraging words and motivating the present Khuddam for the fajr spirit.